What a PI Can and Can’t Do For You

Hiring a PI, for most people, is not their first recourse of action. This can be the result of many reasons, and their lack of experience and knowledge can often leave them disadvantaged and desperate.

Often, they reluctantly turn to PI’s as a last resort thinking that they have to reveal sensitive information about themselves and their businesses to a complete stranger. But this is not exactly the case – only certain information needs to be given out to a PI agency.

In fact, there’s more to private investigation than just having to open up their personal lives. The main reason why people often go to PI’s is because they are trained professionals who can give them the information that they need while still retaining their discretion and anonymity.

However, because movies have glamorized the role of the private investigator, it can be confusing to know exactly what a private investigation agency, or a private eye, can and can’t do.

What a PI Can Do For You
The field of private investigation is highly varied and diverse, which is why it helps to inquire about both their expertise and level of experience in specific case types and fields. A private investigator in Singapore will often do/specialize in a wide variety of work related to surveillance and data gathering, such as the following:

• Spousal surveillance (for possible infidelity or philandering)
• Finding or locating missing persons/property
• Financial fraud
• Corporate matters
• General investigation for civil or criminal matters

If the PI is experienced in cases that are similar to yours, you can be confident in the quality of their services. You can even expect the PI firm to have specialist agents who are exceptional at working certain types of cases, and you will often be referred to the agent who will be handling your case.

Other than using their skills to catch cheating spouse, locate/find missing persons and property, and conduct surveillance on people, a private investigator agency is more than capable of applying their expertise to help secure your business.

Here are some of the ways hiring a PI can also help your business:
• Business background investigations – When it comes to making connections with client and contracting suppliers, you want to make sure that the people you are making connections, contracts, and deals with are legitimate and trustworthy.

• Employee surveillance – Protecting your business from negligent hiring is especially important in order for your business to profit. A private investigator can also use their skills to observe a person and gather information.

• Asset checks – Asset verification services offered by private investigation agencies are designed to find and identify assets held either by individuals and/or companies, and the analysis that goes into locating them often leads into more information as to their nature.

What a PI Can’t Do For You
They are, first and foremost, businesses. They have to pay taxes, worry about their office rent, and they will have to go through a lot of paperwork when dealing with cases.

There’s a good chance that hiring a PI will lead to a lot of legal ramifications for you, whether it’s to catch cheating spouse, look into a family member who you suspect is gambling, or even to look into what could be a case of financial fraud.

This is because a private investigator is not above the law. Unlike traditional law enforcement agencies, they can operate using methods that are officially sanctioned by Singapore law. Here are the other limitations that a private investigator has:

• The skills and techniques used by private investigators are different from law enforcement. While law enforcement employs the use of many methods don’t often have to be discreet, private investigators have to be – they are not police.

• PI’s are also not allowed to wiretap or record conversations under Singapore law, and any use of hidden spy cameras that you might think they would use are often quite limited in accordance of the law.

• Private investigator services can’t gather evidence to arrest people. At best, they can only fact-find and conduct surveillance, and the information can either confirm or debunk your suspicions. And unlike the police, they often don’t carry firearms.

• When asking about staying updated during the investigation process, there are certain instances when you don’t always get a regular update on the case. While most cases such as trying to catch cheating spouse can be updated regularly, there are times that constant updates are simply impossible due to the nature of the investigation.

• They can’t guarantee to confirm your suspicions. Many factors need to be considered when gathering information to ascertain facts and confirm suspicions. Sometimes, suspicions are confirmed based on evidence, and other times, they are debunked.

Choosing a Private Investigator for Your Needs
There’s a good chance that the PI is not only license and professional, but also experienced in cases that are similar to yours, you can be confident in the quality of their skills and services using the best methods and technology available.

Be sure to choose a PI agency in Singapore that is not just licensed and insured, (all PI’s under the Private Security Industry Act are required to be licensed) but also experienced in court hearings and proceedings as a professional witness.

Many private investigators will do whether they are working solo or as part of a larger firm. Contact your local PI agency today for more questions.